ZEALOT CULT are in the studio recording their upcoming debut album. To be released by Blood Harvest on vinyl, CD and tape.


Due to the large amount of pre-orders of the SUFFERING HOUR album, we are a bit behind on mail-order activities. Pretty much all pre-orders of the S.H. album have been shipped out.

Most DESEKRYPTOR tape pre-orders have now also been shipped.

This week we will be packing all pre-orders for the CONTAMINATED album, ATAVISMA ep & VEHEMENTER ep.

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered these releases and of course everyone who's picking them up now.
Your support is very much appreciated!


DRAGHKAR - World Unraveled TAPE
Coming soon on Blood Harvest!


Now up for pre-order:

OSSUARY INSANE – Demonize The Flesh 12″LP
Release date: Sept. 1st
200x White Vinyl
100x Black Vinyl w/ Embroidered Logo Patch

OCULUS - The Apostate of Light 2x12”LP/CD/MC
Release date: Sept. 29th
300x Black Vinyl
100x Black/White Swirle
100x Clear w/ Red Splatter
500x CD
200x MC


And so it's out there :)


9/10 for Suffering Hour!
In German ;)


Blood Harvest avalanche at Radio Fenriz.