BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present a songs from the highly anticipated debut album of pan-international entity OCULUS, The Apostate of Light.
Release Date: Sept.29th, 2017


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TEHOM - The Merciless Light 12"LP / CD
Release date: April 21st.

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Today, Blood Harvest Records sets May 26th as the international release date for Desekryptor's second recording, Chasm of Rot, on cassette tape. Desekryptor are a power-trio hailing from Indiana, in the United States, and soon after forming recorded a debut demo entitled Demo 2016. Striking while the iron's hot, Desekryptor unleash the fittingly titled Chasm of Rot! Five songs totaling 18 ugly 'n' unholy minutes, Chasm of Rot is a pustulent plunge deep into the bowels of a nameless hell. Grinding and gangrenous, Desekryptor's death metal is an overwhelmingly gutted one, gestating in a doomed-out state before burling and blasting forth ever downward, the atmosphere becoming more blackened the deeper the abyss gets. And for a supposed "demo," Chasm of Rot features exquisitely massive and miasmic production, ably amplifying the nethermost regions this recording explores. Herald the arrival of Desekryptor with Chasm of Rot!

The first step into the abyss can be taken with the title track at Blood Harvest's Bandcamp:

Preorder info can be found here:

Tracklisting for Desekryptor's Chasm of Rot
1. Serpentine Scourge
2. Blood Tipped Scythe
3. Chasm of Rot
4. Organismacide
5. Apocalyptic Funeral Trance


Up for preorder now!
Release date, June 9th (Europe), July 7th (N.America & R.o.W.)

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Them review. Courtesy of German XXL-Rock.


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