HAR is still looking for a few dates to fill all the September dates of their Debut European tour in Germany, Netherlands and the area.

Any Promoters interested can contact the band via their FB page.
Dates needed are the 7th or 16th in Berlin area, 9th, 10th and 12th.
Route can be seen in the added flyer

Checkout their latest E.P "Visitation":


HELTER SKELTER & BLOOD HARVEST proudly presents Plaguestorm's first official release, "Eternal Throne"- An EP featuring 4 tracks of orthodox Swedish black metal released as 12" vinyl and digital.
Release date: July 9th 2018
Pre-order your copy now from the Helter Skelter bandcamp:
or the Blood Harvest bandcamp:
Promo-video of the song "With Closed Eyes I Behold":

PLAGUESTORM, one of the Swedish black metal scenes best & most hidden secrets. Hailing from the Swedish city of Malmö, a city with close to a non-existing metal scene, but has recently started to produce bands such as Ultra Silvam & Jordablod.

Having released two cult-demos, PLAGUESTORM finally breaks the ice after four years of silence with the following EP. Recorded in 2015, it was intented to be relased the same year, but faced many hardships and delays, but is finally being showcased to the world three years later. On "Eternal Throne", PLAGUESTORM features four tracks in 21 minutes, where all possible aspects of black metal is being mixed into one, big gruesome bowl where everything from the classic guitar leads of Mercyful Fate, and the chaotic mayhem of Katharsis has it's righteous place. Pure devil-worshipping reaping metal of absolute DEATH.


ABYTHIC - Beneath Ancient Portals (Album)
Full stream through Decibel Mag.

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SERPENT RITUAL "Nexvs Diaboli" 12" LP!!!!!
Serpent Ritual debut mini-album "Nexvs Diaboli" scheduled for release June 27th 2018. The mini album features 4 tracks of ritualistic black metal of Death. Co-released by Helter Skelter Blood Harvest & Despise the Sun Records on black 12" vinyl in a limited edition of 500 copies & digital release.
Pre-order your LP now and get the digital release for free, either from the Helter Skelter bandcamp store;
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Check out the promo-trailer:


Today, death metal mavericks Taphos premiere the new track "Ocular Blackness" at heavily trafficked web-portal The track hails from the band's highly anticipated debut album, Come Ethereal Somberness, set for international release on June 8th via Blood Harvest Records and Helter Skelter Productions. Hear Taphos' "Ocular Blackness" in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Hot on the heels of Blood Harvest's compilation of the band's first two recordings as Demo MMXVI & 7" EP MMXVII, garnering widespread acclaim and heightening anticipation for their first full-length, at last arrives Taphos' Come Ethereal Somberness. As a debut LP, Come Ethereal Somberness does everything it should: stay consistent to a band's sound established on their demos whilst pointing toward new avenues. Here, Taphos do both, and then some.

Hailing from the same Danish scene as Undergang and Phrenelith, Taphos create a classic - and classically gutted - style of Metal of Death. Their first recording, Demo MMXVI, possessed a darkly thrashing sound highly reminiscent of turn-of-the-'90s death metal on both sides of the Atlantic, as resolutely Scandinavian as it was American, its filthy propulsion as palatably fresh as it was authentically ancient. On the subsequent two-song EP, Taphos' sound becomes more world-eating, their songwriting aims more epic whilst not losing the raw fury of their beginnings.

Now, with Come Ethereal Somberness, they synthesize the two stylistic shifts into something both berzerker and epic, manic and finessed in equal measures. Indeed, Taphos are firing on all songwriting cylinders here, as the energy literally bursts off the charts but retains a sense of composure and daresay class rarely scene in full-blooded death metal. Hammering and hideous yet nevertheless invoking a clarity that never castrates their attack, the quartet render each of these seven central compositions (bookended by moody instrumentals) a story unto itself. Hell, the titles themselves tell that story - "Ocular Blackness," "Insidious Gyres," and the equally telltale "Thrive in Upheaval" and "Impending Peril" among them - and that story is horrific.

New nightmares are here, then, and Taphos will be taking them on the road with a full European tour this month alongside Swedish comrades Degial (dates after the jump). Thus, as its title ominously proclaims, Come Ethereal Somberness! Hear the new, aforementioned track "Ocular Blackness" exclusively, courtesy of
Hear the previously revealed (and aforementioned) "Thrive in Upheaval" and "Impending Peril" at Blood Harvest's Bandcamp:

Preorder info can be found here:


Visit to check out another track, “Ocular Blackness”, from the upcoming TAPHOS album, "Come Ethereal Somberness".


Necroblood / Psychomorphis split album in the works!!!!

Necroblood who entitled their side of the split LP "The Lurking Horror" plays regressive black-death metal exclusively & needs no further introduction. Necroblood contributes with 3 exclusive new songs of utter relentless brutality, presented with an exclusive cover artwork made by no other than ROK (Sadistik Exekution).
Check out the track "Terrorist Antichrist" on our youtube channel:

Psychomorphis entitled their contribution to this split release "Amorphous Chaos" plays extraterestial cthulhu metal straight from the face of Yuggoth. This Canadian/Danish trio features ex members of Sadomator, Morbosidad & members from Necroholocaust, Likfärd and Vomit Angel. Should appeal to fans of early Beherit, Von & Naked Whipper.
Listen to Psychomorphis song "Occular Of Cthulhu":

Available on CD/LP/MC/DIGITAL summer 2018, released on Helter Skelter - Blood Harvest Records (distributed & marketed by Regain Records). Pre-order your format of choice (LP/CD/Cassette or bundle) from our bandcamp store:


ABYTHIC premiere another song from the upcoming album "Beneath Ancient Portals"....


Cynabare Urne (Finland) "In the Cremation Ground" 12" LP version finally in stock.Shipping pre-orders now!!
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Blood Chalice (Finland Death/Black metal) + One Master (Usa Black Metal)

10/05/2018 Berlin (Ger)
11/05/2018 Chorzow (Pol)
12/05/2018 Warsav (Pol)
13/05/2018 Kaunas (Lithuania)
14/05/2018 Riga (Latvia)

more available info:
Eternal Death, Black Silesia Productions, Daubos Griaucmas
Get the album,available on LP/CD/MC/DIGITAL!!!