Finally have the vinyls and currently packing up preorders!!
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You can now enjoy the full Iteru - Ars Moriendi recording on Youtube.
The cassette is now sold out!


Here's another tune from the upcoming INISANS album "Transition".
Bang your head to "Cavern of Covenant"!

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As we run some official distribution for Terratur Possessions releases in Sweden/Scandinavia we are sharing some info here on the labels upcoming releases.
Keep your eyes pealed for pre-orders coming up on

These will be out around April 20th:
Manii - Sinnets Irrganger — DigiMCD
Svartidaudi - Flesh Cathedral Repress — 2xLP/DigiCD
Svartidaudi - Synthesis Of Whore And Beast — MLP/DigiMCD
Knokkelklang - Jeg Begraver — LP/DigiCD
Black Majesty - Aft World Portal — 7"EP, Terratur Exclusive
V/A Ekstrophë — Compilation LP/DigiCD
Misthyrming - Söngvar Elds og óreiðu — LP


Today, Blood Harvest Records sets April 20th as the international release date for Ossuarium's Calcified Trophies of Violence on digipack CD format. Originally reissued in February on cassette tape format by Blood Harvest but then quickly selling out, Calcified Trophies of Violence is Ossuarium's debut demo.

Ossuarium seep out of the depths of Portland, Oregon’s underground. Originally created as an outlet for Ryan Koger (drums) and Daniel Kelley (guitar/vocals) to express their mutual interest in late '80s and early '90s American death metal, Ossuarium fiendishly manifested into its current form with the addition of Nate McCleary (lead guitar) and Jeff Roman (bass) to their lineup in early 2017, after which they began writing the songs that would eventually become Calcified Trophies of Violence. Indeed, their opening salvo seethes with the same eldritch darkness of their aesthetic forebears, pulsing with a similarly linear heft that marked so much classic death metal during the turn of the '90s. Even the production itself on the tape is era-accurate, so authentic is the band's understanding of the form: Ossuarium have arrived with Calcified Trophies of Violence.

Streaming at Blood Harvest bandcamp:

Order through the webshop:


Helter Skelter - Blood Harvest proudly presents Apotheosis ov Xaoc (Finland). Here an exerpt from their relentless unreleased 2017 demo. Enjoy the madness & watch out for more!!!!!


Today, Blood Harvest Records sets May 11th as the international release date for Abythic's highly anticipated debut album, Beneath Ancient Portals, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Hailing from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Abythic formed in 2015 and soon recorded & released their first demo, A Full Negation of Existence. Aptly titled, the demo portrayed four foul tracks of churning death metal of a most early '90s mold. Alas, that was an all-too-brief teaser for Beneath Ancient Portals, the band's full-length debut. Also aptly titled, Beneath Ancient Portals sees Abythic taking the demo's same rudiments - patient and pulsing riffing, linear composition, an emphasis on doomy downtempo segments - and brings them to fuller fruition, diving deeper and deadlier into thundering, desolate DOOM. In many ways, Beneath Ancient Portals often recalls the proud 'n' powerful class of mid-period Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Grave, and Pentacle, so hypnotically heaving is their dreadnought weight here. But in other ways, Abythic put their own stamp on doomy death metal through a potently occult aura...or one that sounds like a crypt slowly opening, all before a rust- and blood-covered tank rolls forward out of it, crushing all in its path. It's simply mesmerizing either way.

Completed by absolutely devastating production, Beneath Ancient Portals will surely be hailed as one of the year's best and mightiest death metal debuts. Old school, new school, no school: nothing matters but sheer devastating weight, and Abythic possess a fuckton of it. Hear for yourself with the new track "Abandoned Tombs on Ungodly Grounds at Blood Harvest's Bandcamp.

Preorder info can be found here.

Tracklisting are as follows:
1. Prelude To Obscurity
2. Purulent Phantasm
3. Abandoned Tombs On Ungodly Ground
4. Beneath Ancient Portals (The Gate of Ganzir)
5. Redemption Through Soul Transfusion
6. T.H.O.N.
7. Afterwards Behind Beyond
8. Depths Of Oblivion


INISANS reveal another track from the upcoming album through Decibel Magazine.


Apparently some ppl like to throw around with harsh language and accusations of me "stealing their money"... rather than checking up on thing or seeing if there's any news posted in reference to any possible delays etc etc....
Well, well...

Although I really appreciate the support and dedication of ppl placing pre-orders, please keep in mind that no-one is forcing you to do so. If it's just going to be an excuse for you to throw silly accusations in my face, please spare us both the waste of time....

I do not have control over how fast the factories or pressing plants can work, or if there are unexpected delays on their end. Neither do I have any control on why the delivery company for some strange reason placed our products at their warehouse 3 hours north from here...

I do my best to keep up with things and I ship out as quickly as possible. If you need further "detailed" information about the last 3-4 weeks, please read my post from yesterday....

And so, to inform a few others out there who might be waiting for their pre-orders... Today, I finally managed to mail out all pre-orders for the CRYPTIVORE, OSSUARIUM & OBSCENE tapes. Thanks for the support and patience ;)



Mail-order delays.

Due to both my kids coming down with the flu, one after the other, a short tour in Spain, and then coming down with a persistent cold myself, I have fallen behind on shipping out orders.
Yesterday was the first day I could head over to the warehouse in almost 3 weeks. Please bare with me as I try to catch up on things.